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Eye Care for Children

Are you searching for an optometrist for your child? It's essential to find a good match, especially if it is your child's first eye exam. In your search for an eye care centre, an optometrist who has experience with children goes a long way.   Our optometrists have extensive experience with children and have even helped to develop in-school eye clinics.  

All children should have an eye exam, since they have no way of knowing if their vision is optimal.  Their vision is all they know! Multiple visual skills affect learning. A child must not only be able to see clearly, but they need to maintain comfortable, single vision for long periods of time.  This requires coordination of both the focusing system and aiming system of the eyes.  If one of these systems is not working optimally, this can reduce a child's attention or decrease a child's desire to learn visually. Smooth visual tracking which is required for reading depends on these systems functioning well. Since so much of what a child learns is visual, this can have a severe impact on their learning.  At Gloucester Eye Care, we will ensure that your child's eyes are working optimally.

Comprehensive eye care for the whole family means making sure vision is comfortable and eyes are healthy.   We provide bilingual service too. You'll receive prescriptions for eye wear, diabetic exams, myopia management, dry eye treatment, laser vision correction consultations, and more. 

Make an appointment today with Gloucester Eye Care today! 

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