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Myopia Management

Myopia, or nearsightedness makes it difficult to see clearly at a distance because the eye is too long.  When it comes to myopia management, it's vital to have a regular eye doctor who can keep track of progress. Excessive myopia increases a child's risk for eye diseases, such as glaucoma, retinal detachments and macular degeneration, throughout their lifetime. Current research shows that myopia progression can be slowed by up to 50 percent depending on the child’s risk factors.  Risk factors for myopia include age, current vision, binocular vision status (eye coordination), amount of time spent doing near work, amount of time spent outside, and family history of myopia. At Gloucester Eye Care, we will provide options for myopia management based on your child's risk factors which include glasses, contact lenses and eye drops.

Our optometrists have extensive experience with children and have even helped develop in-school eye clinics. Make an appointment today with Gloucester Eye Care. We are your eye care centre for the whole family.

At Gloucester Eye Care, you'll get comprehensive eye care for the whole family in English and French.   We take the time to make sure you get the optimal eye wear prescription and are well-informed about how to keep your eyes healthy. You will leave with your prescription in hand, without feeling pressured to buy glasses. 

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